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Even Anti-Art Is Art...That Is Why We Reject It

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: United States
Catalog No: Statutory Tape, STATAP 12
Format: Tape
A1 –New Blockaders* / Organum Pulp Pt.1 2:51
A2 –Whitehouse Right To Kill 6:37
A3 –Uncommunity Brutality Of Fact 5:50
A4 –John Duncan Tango Delta 2:10
A5 –Ramleh Prossneck 4:49
B1 –Krang* Never Ending Man Is Meat 4:21
B2 –Vivenza Servomecanismes 5:33
B3 –MB* Genocide Of The Menses 5:56
B4 –Incapacitants Inverted Yield Curve 7:01
  • Compiled By – RRRecords
This is a collection of tracks from rare 7" vinyl releases. The tracks are taped off the records, and this compilation was released without the knowledge of any of the artists.

A1 is from Pulp
A2 is from Tit Pulp / Right To Kill
A3 is from Brutality Of Fact
A4 is from Creed
A5 is from The Hand Of Glory
B1 is from Never Ending Man Is Meat
B2 is from Fondements Bruitistes
B3 is from Genocide Of The Menses
B4 is from Studie Für Konvulsivisches Denken / Inverted Yield Curve