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Gender: Male
Country: Italy
Description: A French para-theatrical and music act started in 1985 and headed by Jean-Louis COSTES (b. 1954), a composer, writer, actor (also in XXX movies) and a dancer. He is notorious for his extreme live performances, in which he mocks popular culture aesthetics, moral hypocrisy and the impact of politics and religion on the collective consciousness of societies susceptible to any chauvinist influence. Both his performances and releases are forma- lly chaotic, filled with extreme dissonances and demonstrate the influence of a wide array of styles, ranging from Dadaist absurdities and cabaret pastiche, through pop music to experimental electronic music or obscene happenings. By means of artistic provocation, which usually involves fecal matter and combining pornography with religious symbolism, COSTES per- severingly seeks to bring down social taboos. He has authored a number of short stories and novels, the most prominent being Viva La Merda!, and has appeared in some acclaimed films, e.g. Gaspar NOE?’s Irre?versible or Virginie DESPENTE’s Baise-moi. Discography: L’Enfer Du Musicien (Costes Cassette 1985) tape L’Art C’Est La Guerre (Costes Cassette 1986) tape Ma Musique Sur Ta Musique (Emergence Du Refus 1986) tape Secouez... Crevez (Costes Cassette 1986) LP Les Oxyures (Costes Cassette 1987) CD collaboration with Lisa ”SUCKDOG” CARVER Rape GG (Costes Cassette / Suckdog 1988) LP Livrez Les Blanches Aux Bicots (Costes Cassette 1989) CD Lung Farts (Costes Cassette 1989) CD The Last Mass (Costes Cassette 1989) VHS