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French Frog In An American Cunt

Artist: Costes

Year: 1988
Country: France
Catalog No: Costes Cassette, CC 29
Format: Tape
A1 I Want To Fuck A Porch-Monkey 3:45
A2 Dead Indian 3:45
A3 Don't Touch The Monkey 2:00
A4 You Stink Love 3:25
A5 On S'Amuse A S'Aimer 2:45
A6 Pinko The Frog 5:30
A7 Fuck A Boy 2:00
A8 Black Toad 9:10
A9 I Want Everything 3:00
A10 A Fast Red Car 2:00
A11 Touch My Money 5:10
A12 Tina 1:15
B1 French Kiss 2:45
B2 Watch Her Happy 2:10
B3 Blue Christmas 2:00
B4 We Are Happy 3:00
B5 Pinko The Frog (Suite) 3:25
B6 I'm Communist Too 0:50
B7 How To Solve The Problem 8:00
B8 Poor Bob 2:00
B9 Watch My Crime 11:40
B10 Oh Cunts (Pull And Push) 8:15
  • Performer – Lisa Suckdog (tracks: A1, A2, A6, A7, A10, B3, B5, B6)