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Lung Farts

Artist: Costes

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: Costes Cassette; CC 41
Format: Tape
A1 Devils Of The Night  
A2 Stab Those Devils  
A3 They Teach Well  
A4 The Dilemma  
A5 Boy With No War  
A6 My Cock Is My Dog  
A7 Beautiful Lies  
A8 I Can With My Arm  
A9 Stupid Movies  
A10 Big Gorilla  
A11 Lung Farts  
A12 Fart In My Face  
A13 Come To The Bank  
A14 Shooting Star In My Life  
A15 Sex Is Dope  
A16 The Cunt Kills The Cunt  
A17 Welcome Boys  
A18 Sometimes Scared And Lasy  
A19 Cholesterol Queer  
B1 Spirit  
B2 You Paranoia Israel  
B3 Clean The Place  
B4 Leave Me Alone  
B5 Great Masturbator  
B6 Not Born In USA  
  • Featuring – Lisa Suckdog
Lisa Suckdog is not mentioned on release.