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As Fess

Artist: Jabon

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cause and Effect, none
Format: Tape
A1 Mystery  
A2 Curiosity  
A3 Waiting  
  Calm Before Storm
A4 Profound Discovery  
A5 Anticipation  
A6 Downhill  
A7 First Resolution  
  The Seasons
B1 The Blues  
B2 Active  
B3 Helped Down  
B4 Dump  
B5 Depression  
B6 Red, White & Green  
B7 In Suspense  
  • Bass – Luke Chemo
  • Drums – Doc Product
  • Guitar, Producer, Vocals – Scribble*
Scribble - guitar, vocals
Luke Chemo - bass
Doc Product - drums
Full production by Scott Colburn
at Capt. Colby's Floating Studio
Copyright 1986 by Capt. Colby's Music
Cover painting by Hal McGee
Cover Design by Debbie Jaffe
Thanks to: Hal and Debbie, No Outlet Dudes, Greg Ginn, Chrome, Emily, Websters, Seth Thomas
Available at Bandcamp:

Notes by Scott Colburn:
This is the third Jabon tape and represents a change in direction for Jabon. First of all there is the addition of two more members making a rock trio. This tape is significate in that it is all improvised and not edited. In addition this is the first time these guys played together. A detailed description of the session appeared in Electronic Cottage. There was also a description sheet explaining the name and Jabon philosophy in general.