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Abode Stinesville

Artist: Jabon

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: Gravelvoice Records, GVR 021
Format: Tape
Side A
Dies Mali *
Remember Me?
QAX Quack

Side B
Abode Stinesville

Scribble - guitar, vocals, sounds
Luke Chemo -bass
Doc Product - percussion
John Swift - keyboards
Bob Boyle - saxophone

extra keyboards by Spot

Recorded May-August 1987 at Capt. Colby's Floating Studio. All Tracks Copyright 1987 except * Copyright 1984 by Capt. Colby's Music. Special Thanks and Dedication to Cherub M.

Scott Colburn's notes from his website
This is the fourth Jabon tape. Even though Scribble added two other musicians on the last tape and the rock format seemed to be the new direction, he decided to add two more players to record his reflection on his hometown of Stinesville, IN. These pieces are much more song/production numbers. A very "studio" tape in that five people come in at different times and record parts. Not very band oriented.