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Vittore Baroni

Gender: Male
Country: Italy
A well established Italian cultural activist, mail artist, music critic (b. 1956), author, expert on the works William S. BURROUGHS, composer and one of the most important propagators of mail art and industrial culture. He started his artistic career in 1977, initiating mail collaboration via the FLASH ART magazine with artists like Guglielmo Achille CAVELLINI, Anna BANANA, Paul CARTER, Genesis P-ORRIDGE and Bill GAGLIONE. In 1979 he was the editor of the first issue of ARTE POSTALE!, a mail art assembling publication/artist's magazine in Italy which is currently regarded as the most valu- able publication on the philosophy and aesthetics of mail art. Apart from that he has written a number of major books on artistic phenomena and industrial culture artists, e.g. a monograph on PSYCHIC  TV. From 1979 to 1984 he took on the LIEUTENANT MURNAU moniker and released a number of cassettes with music bordering on plagiarism, plunderphonics and indu- strial rock avant-garde. Since 1991 he has been working with the ambient/ electronica group LE FORBICI DI MANITU, who make mostly soundtracks to old horror and science fiction films.