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Meet Lieutenant Murnau

Artist: Lieutenant Murnau (Vittore Baroni)

Year: 1980
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Editions, Edition 8
Format: Tape
Spezification: Part of APROPOS Archive
A1 The Mercy Bit (MTTHBTLS)  
A2 Aene-B-Oba  
A3 No No X Red Auction  
A4 Rewinding Road  
A5 Psychophonia  
A6 March Hare  
A7 SLTBHTTM (Reprise)  
B1 The Free Skoo Bit (MTTHRSDTS)  
B2 Devolution, Nein!  
B3 Ethnological Device  
All the titles on this cassette are made by 'alternative' playing of Beatles and Residents albums.

The catalog number is not found on the release. It was retrieved from the labe website.