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Ron Lessard

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Labels: RRRecords, Statutory Tape
Description: ran RRRecords, as Artist Emil Beaulieau: A stage name of Ron LESSARD (b. 1957), a leading representative of Ame- rican industrial music, active in a number of domains of propagation of art noise since 1984. Apart from running his own solo project and appe- aring with a personally amorphous group DUE PROCESS, he owns a music shop and an independent record label RRRECORDS, and organises regular concerts. His is industrial noise music involving collages relying solely on analogue sound sources and electronic processors. In his work he frequ- ently makes use of other artists’ compositions, intensely deforming and complementing with bruitist means of expression, as was the case with the Memories album involving deformed hard rock classics or the entire Dedicated to... series devoted to pioneers of electronic noise. For those purposes he employs custom-built turntables, damaged vinyl records, multi-effect systems, malfunctioning radio receivers and tape recor- ders with deteriorated tapes. In 2002 he provocatively dubbed himself ”america’s greatest living noise artist”. His live appearances take a form of a Dadaist pastiche of a conventional concert, with plenty of self-irony, exhibitionism and an irrational sense of humour.