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Kick that Habit

Artist: Voice Crack

Year: 1993
Country: United States
Label: RRRecords
Catalog No: RRR TV, 14
Format: Video
1 Kick That Habit 43:00
  • Film Director, Film Producer – Peter Liechti
  • Mixed By [Sound] – Florian Eidenbenz
  • Performer – Andy Guhl, Norbert Möslang
  • Performer [Guest] – Knut Remond
A sound movie with the musicians Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl, guest Knut Remond.
Swiss released 1990, 16 MM, 24 P/S, magnetic sound without words, 43 min.

Persons: Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl, Knut Redmond, Thomas Imbach, Carole Forster, Bea Hadorn, Monika Sennhauser, Peter Künzli, Alex Hanimann, Roman Signer, Peter Kamm, Peter Liechti.