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Side 3

Artist: Severed Heads

Year: 1981
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS007
Format: Tape
 A1 - Richard Fielding - Nigerian Polka
A2 - Richard Fielding - John Cage Wets His Pants
A3 - Richard Fielding - Larry I'm An Average Girl
A4 - Richard Fielding - Negative Dialectics
A5 - Richard Fielding - Homage A Nobody
A6 - Richard Fielding - This Track Doesn't Belong Here
A7 - Richard Fielding - Parents Don't Dig It
A8 - Tom Ellard - Stomach
A9 -  Tom Ellard - You Will
A10 - Tom Ellard - Turtledove
A11 - Tom Ellard - Flower
B1 - Garry Bradbury - Uncle Croc's Block
B2 - Garry Bradbury - Abduction In Arika
B3 - Garry Bradnury - MMM Mud
B4 - Severed Heads - Live At Exiles 7/8/81
B5 - Severed Heads - Funky Jonestown
C60 cassette supplied for free with copies of Severed Heads Clean LP. Generic Terse Tapes cover. Tape is labelled Lust on the cover.
John Laidler: guitar on Live At Exiles.