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Ear Bitten / No Vowels, No Bowels

Artist: Severed Heads / Rhythmyx Chymx

Year: 1980
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes Wrong/Terse TRS 001/2
Format: Vinyl Lp
    Ear Bitten
A1 –Severed Heads All Rights Reserved  
A2 –Severed Heads God In The Factory  
A3 –Severed Heads Hawaii / Torso / 97 Cigarettes  
A4 –Severed Heads Acid Fur  
A5 –Severed Heads Dance  
A6 –Severed Heads New York Is A Lonely Town  
    No Vowels, No Bowels
B1 –Rhythmyx Chymx Close The Door, People Are Working  
B2 –Rhythmyx Chymx Astronauts Against Want  
B3 –Rhythmyx Chymx Pogo A-Go-Go  
B4 –Rhythmyx Chymx Bung In A Banana  
B5 –Rhythmyx Chymx The Orient Pricks, / The Occident Sews  
B6 –Rhythmyx Chymx Jungle Jangle  
B7 –Rhythmyx Chymx Something More Accessible  
B8 –Rhythmyx Chymx Hey Man I'm A Police Officer  
B9 –Rhythmyx Chymx Bretonian Overcoat  
B10 –Rhythmyx Chymx The Now Generation  
B11 –Rhythmyx Chymx Music For Solos  
Companies, etc.
  • Pressed By – EMI Custom Records – YPRX1706
  • Mastered At – EMI Studios 301
Recorded 1979, 1980 on mono and stereo cassette recorders. 4 b/w inserts.
This is the same pressing as Terse Tapes 001/2. 400 covers were hand assembled. Apart from those already in distribution all were lost in a fire at Richard Fielding's house. After the fire the album was sold in plain sleeves. In addition to these some extra copies arrived from the plant in Racey 'Smash and Grab' covers. Nobody knows why. These were sold in these covers. There were also test pressings which were labeled Rhythmyx Chymx on one side and, erroneously, 'Bushwackers' on the Severed Heads side. Apart from the test pressing, the actual pressing that came in all covers was identical. The only difference was that some in the plain cover are slightly smoke damaged.