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Tom Ellard

Alias: Ellard, Lard Motel, T. Ellard, T.E., TE, Thomas Ellard, Thomas T Ellard, Thomas Temple Ellard, Thomas Temple-Ellard, Tom E Ellard, Tom T Ellard
Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Description: Australian multimedia activist, born in 1962, Thomas Temple Ellard Founding and only constant member of Severed Heads (1979 to 2009), pioneer in connecting Video Art with Music and main operator of the associated Terse Tapes and later Sevcom labels. In groups 2 Man Submarine, Burt Blanka, Coklacoma, Fußßßball, Headless Corpses, Mindless Delta Children, Mr And Mrs No Smokin' Sign, Pissy Relay Switches, Severed Heads