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Artist: Severed Heads

Year: 1982
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS822
Format: Tape
A1 Adolf A Carrot  
A2 Rocket Summer [Live At Stranded 8th April 1982]  
A3 Deano's Couch  
B1 An American In Paris/Tarzan's Grip  
B2 Umbrella  
B3 Lower Than The Grave  
B4 J. Edgar Hoover/CMID [Live]  
B5 Ad Infinitum  
Blubberknife - Severedhead #3
Recorded on 8 track by Severed Heads 1982 except
Rocket Summer - Walkman recording by Grahame Brown
J. Edgar Hoover and CMID - Walkman recording by Philip Samartzis
Photos from the video produced by Stephen Jones

The first 250 copies of this cassette were shrink wrapped with discarded television parts. (see last pictures)