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Artist: Kurt Volentine

Year: 1982
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS020
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Auto-eroticism  
A2 Ionised Confusion  
A3 Symptomatic Sanity  
A4 Rain And Murders  
A5 Dead Goats  
A6 We Could Be On Easy Street  
A7 Go-Go-Mania  
A8 Sacerdotal Suburbia  
A9 John Laws World  
A10 Island Of Dreams  
A11 Eduj Yeh  
B1 Let's Kill Uncle  
B2 Knife Lymph  
B3 The H Man  
B4 Has Anyone Seen My Gal  
B5 Oh My Darling Clementine  
B6 Poltroon Havanna  
B5 The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg  
B7 The Invasion Of The Neptune Men  
First release has black and white cover in 7 inch sleeve. Re-issue has colour cover in standard cassette box.