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The Flame Of Ambition

Artist: Philip Perkins

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Label: Fun Music
Catalog No: Fun 14
Format: Tape

THE FLAME OF AMBITION is a collection of pieces about what ambition does to people, and causes (or enables) them to do to others. I’ve long felt that ambition is at the root of both mankind’s greatest triumphs and worst man-made calamities. My favorite symbol of ambition in these times is the corporate skyscraper--the company fort-- and I have been particularly intrigued by the situation of people working in this very structured hierarchy. This is reflected in the choice of titles, subjects and sound material. The title refers to the “burning” nature of ambition within those who are literally being consumed by it.

Side A

1. Introduction (The Flame Of Ambition)

2. Machinations

3. Taking The Stairs

4. Closing The Big Deal

5. Out In The Lobby

6. A Dream Of Failure

7. Father's Day

Side B

1. Worrisome Fanfare / Weekend With The Kids

2. Bad Conscience

3. At The Bar

4. Party

5. The Householder

6. Talk / Exit (For Corazon Aquino)

Digital audio equipment provided by Audio Services Corp.

Guitars provided by Subway Guitars, Berkeley.

Folk instruments provided by Hobgoblin Music, Colma.

Keyboards provided by The Residents.

Dedicated to Nancy and Zachary.

Cover image by Roger Mocenigo, graphic design by Your Mom’s Unlimited.

Thanks to: Scott, Lynette, Roger B., and Guy, Linda and Zoe O.

FUN MUSIC also distributes works on cassette by Scott Fraser, David Ocker and “Blue” Gene Tyranny. Write for a free catalog.

©? Philip Perkins 1986. All rights reserved.


171 South Park, San Francisco CA 94107