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More Altitude Than Attitude: IOS At 14,000 Feet

Artist: Illusion Of Safety

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: We Never Sleep, WNS 007
Format: Tape
A1 Power-Accident  
A2 Dark Current  
A3 Fleshbinge  
A4 Live Temple Set  
A5 The Architects Office  
B1 Untitled  
B2 Devices  
B3 Fade N Cry  
B4 Deadgirl And The Man (Version)  
B5 Toneline 5  
B6 Discipline  
  • Performer – D. Klein (2), Dan Burke, Mitch Enderle, Spark Lunch
Notes Live Sound Colorado:
+ 7-7-88, All Seasons Painting, Colorado Springs
+ 7-8-88, The Grove, Denver
+ 7-9-88, Penney Lane, Boulder
+ 7-10-88, KGNU, Boulder

Thanks to Big Body Parts, We Never Sleep, and TG.