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Tape Report 05

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Austria
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 27
Format: Tape
Tracklist     Mostly Instrumental Side
A1 –Scott Marshall & Mark Giangrande George Makes A Deal 5:40
A2 –Monochrome Bleu Dub-Star 8:00
A3 –Blackhouse 7 Years 4:05
A4 –Josef K. Noyce Lust 3:40
A5 –Immolation By Scum Bàs 3:00
A6 –Illusion Of Safety Commitment 27 6:40
    Mostly Vocal Side
B1 –Bouffant Jellyfish Shrimp And Chicken Jambo 2:40
B2 –Psyclones I Don't Wanna Sober Up Tonight 3:25
B3 –Fuckhead Happy...I Am Busily Thinking Of Excuses 5:00
B4 –Robert Ferbrache & Josef K. Noyce I Bet You 3:20
B5 –Nomuzic Drift 4:30
B6 –Krüppelschlag Paralysed & Che Sera 6:00
B7 –Human Head Transplant Strange Cats 6:00