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Desire Libertaire

Artist: Psy Phalanx

Year: 1986
Country: Australia
Label: Extreme
Catalog No: Extreme
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A01 Terra Damnata 2:00
A02 The Sensual Pulsions 3:15
A03 Dark Sayings 0:50
A04 Phoenix Night 1 1:19
A05 Head On A Slide 3:23
A06 Mannequin Skittles 1:35
A07 Preaching 4:06
A08 Zersetzen 1 1:47
A09 MHL'SRO'C 1:37
A10 Fugue On S.A.D.E. 4:51
B01 Domina Vitriol 4:24
B02 Arcanum 5:31
B03 Jesus Can't Save You 1:41
B04 Phoenix Night 2 3:11
B05 Hermetic Tongues 3:57
B06 Zersetzen 2 1:26
B07 Incantation 0:55
B08 Warning Shadows 1:46
B09 Phoenix Night 3 6:02
B10 Requiem 0:59
  • Performer – Emmanuel Lazarakis, Stephen Purcell, Ulex Xane*
Album compiling various unreleased Psy.Phalanx tracks recorded between 1980-1986 (mainly early tracks).
Phoenix Nights recorded live at The Catacombs, Elsternwick, Canal Tunnel.
Arcanum based on a theme by Domenico Zipoli.