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Come Organisation

Years running:
Country: United Kingdom
The Come Organisation was a record label founded in London in 1979, initially as a vehicle for the group Come. In 1978 Come had recorded their first single, Come Sunday/Shaved Slits, and were unable to find a label willing to release it. Influenced by TG"s IR-label and Ralph Records (The Residents' label), William Bennett opted to self-release the single. Come ceased to exist in 1980 (even though the I'm Jack LP was released in 1981) as the band morphed into Whitehouse. Come Organisation would become known as a specialisist label in extreme electronic music, showcased by the releases of Sutcliffe Jugend and Leibstandarte SS MB in addition to Whitehouse. The label ceased to exist in 1985, after the release of the classic Whitehouse LP Great White Death, owing to several factors, the principal one being the temporary dissolution of Whitehouse and several key people leaving London as a place of residence. Bennett would later reform the label under the new name of ""Susan Lawly"". WDC881002/3 was meant to be the double LP Come - In Country. This was never released and so a gap exists in the discography. The WDC8820## series was for assorted badges, booklets, stickers, etc. The WDC8840## series was for the twenty issues of the KATA publication. The WDC8850## series was for merchandise available exclusively to NUPA members. The WDC8860## series was for videos. "