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Zero Cabal

Years running:
Country: Australia
Description: An Australian record label, specialising in experimental post-industrial music, often of ethno/ritual complexion, and art noise. It was started in 1985 by U?lex XANE (aka STREICHER), and was taken over two years later by Roger RICHARDS, the founder of short-lived project SEX WHOLLY BELIEF/SEX HOLY DISBELIEF. Its vast catalogue numbers nearly 150 releases of various kinds, mostly cassettes and CDs, from such artists as MERZBOW, MUSLIMGAUZE or Jim O’ROURKE. Although a 90's Label it is part of the Database because of the origin in the 80's: Australian industrial/experimental cassette label run by Ülex Xane after he had turned Extreme over to Roger Richards. The material on many of the early tapes had been intended to be released on Extreme, but didn't fit with the new directions of that label. Not all items contained on this page are considered part of the Zero Cabal discography. Due to various distribution agreements some releases may have updated artwork/tape labels to reflect the change of distribution.