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Evidence Of Ritual C60

Artist: Browning Mummery

Year: 1983
Country: Australia
Label: Zero Cabal
Catalog No: Zero Cabal
Format: Tape
A01 Untitled  
A02 Untitled  
A03 Untitled  
A04 Untitled  
A05 Untitled  
A06 Untitled  
A07 Untitled  
A08 Untitled  
A09 Untitled  
A10 Untitled  
A11 Untitled  
B01 Untitled  
B02 Untitled  
  • Instruments – Andrew Lonsdale, John Jacobs (2)
Originally released as "Evidence Of Ritual" by boxmusik 1983, (not Browning Mummery.) Artist name changed on Zero Cabal release for unknown reasons. Product carried over from Extreme with updated layout to reflect distribution change. Boxmusik issued the tape initially in a cardboard box, including tape, collage, dried herbs, animal bones.