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Avant Marghen Vol. 4

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Alga Marghen plana-VA alga032
Format: Vinyl Lp-7
Spezification: Box-Set
    Oéuvre Désintégrale (1958-1976)
A –François Dufrêne Crirythme Pour Un Double Anniversaire Dedicated To Ginette And Anouj (1969) 18:26
B1 –François Dufrêne Osmose-Art: Köchel Que J'aime (1969) 9:37
B2 –François Dufrêne Le Cheval Lié À L'Art Rose (1969) 12:31
    Oéuvre Désintégrale (1958-1976)
A1 –François Dufrêne Est-Ouest (1967) 8:19
A2 –François Dufrêne Tête À Terre Et Ventre Au Ciel (1965) 9:27
A3 –François Dufrêne Eryximaque (1965) Suite Choréographique Au Tombeau De Pierre Larousse 7:18
B1 –François Dufrêne Les Joyeux Sisyphe (1976) 7:40
B2 –François Dufrêne Sature, Nain! (Crirythme) (1975) 7:05
B3 –François Dufrêne Cacochyme (Crirythme) (1975) 2:12
B4 –François Dufrêne Sature, Nain! (Crirythme) (1975) 7:04
    Oéuvre Désintégrale (1958-1976)
A –François Dufrêne Lecture-collage 1: La Ressource Du Petit Peuple (1965) & Tenilom (1965) By Jean Molinet 18:57
B1 –François Dufrêne Lecture-collage 2: Dit Du Vieux Marin (1975) By Coleridge 10:20
B2 –François Dufrêne Belles Nuisances, Hantez Nos Nuits (1970) 10:48
    Oéuvre Désintégrale (1958-1976)
A1 –François Dufrêne Séquences (Crirythme) (1968) 20:26
A2 –François Dufrêne Comptinuum (Extrait I) (1958-1970) 2:07
B1 –François Dufrêne La Guitare En Long (1969) 8:57
B2 –François Dufrêne PostcriRYTHptum (1974) 2:12
B3 –François Dufrêne Comptinuum (Extrait II) (1958-1970) 10:57
    Voice Studies
A1 –Charlemagne Palestine Suurealistic Studies I, II, III 5:19
A2 –Charlemagne Palestine Voice + Piano Study I, II 10:56
B1 –Charlemagne Palestine Voice Study 11:09
B2 –Charlemagne Palestine Beauty Chord + Voice 6:20
    Two Poems
A –Ghérasim Luca Autres Secrets Du Vide Et Du Plein 17:16
B –Ghérasim Luca Crimes Sens Initiales 16:45
A –Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti Illuminations 23:12
B1 –Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti Wed Oct 13th 1971 12:54
B2 –Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti Piano Piece For Simone 11:57
Numbered edition of 80 copies. This luxury black boxset edition actually includes the forth group of 7 LP's previously issued for the VocSon series and now sold out. Each individual LP record includes a numbered Avant Marghen inner-sleeves.

LP 1 to 4
François Dufrêne - Oeuvre Désintégrale 4 LP set. First 80 copies from the original pressing of 345 copies issued in 2007, presented here with minimal hand-elaboration on each sleeve.

Oeuvre Désintégrale 1 LP includes an 18 minute long crirythme from 1969 as well as "Osmose-art", a long piece from 1969 divided in two suites where Dufrêne superimposes his crirhythms to classical music.

Oeuvre Désintégrale 2 LP includes six majestic crirythmes (created between 1965 and 1976) as well as "Eryximaque, suite choreographique au Tombeau de Pierre Larusse", a work half way between the written text and the sound poem whose unity is achieved through Dufrêne performing it, a masterpiece of synthesis of active poetry.

Oeuvre Désintégrale 3 LP includes two "Lecture-collage" dating from 1965, adding jazz music (specially drum and percussion pieces) to poems marked by strong Lettristic esthetic. One of his most extreme crirythmes, titled "Belles nuisances, hantez nos nuits" dating from 1970, is also included on this record.

Oeuvre Désintégrale 4 LP includes three breath-taking crirythmes as well as two "Comptinuum" from his early on-progress works started in 1958.

Charlemagne Palestine - Voice Studies LP, limited to 80 numbered copies pressed on dark blue vinyl and featuring a new sleeve, only available with this boxset edition. Palestine's introduction to music or sound was first with his own voice. This LP includes the very early "Surrealistic Studies", using a Webcor reel-to-reel tape recorder, discovering a technique of shouting into the microphone and immediately pulling it out, creating an interior echo chamber where the sound would turn around on itself, changing and distorting. "Voice + Piano Study I & II” are short and beautiful piano improvisation with tape superimposition of accelerated voice pieces. In "Voice Study" Charlemagne sings in a falsetto duet with himself on two separate tracks in a resonant space, searching for intervals that resonate together and respond like electronic sound wave oscillators played against each other.

Gherasim Luca - 2 Poems LP. First 80 copies from the original pressing of 385 copies issued in 2009. Created in close connection to Sten Hanson who invited the Rumenian artist at Fylkingen in the very beginning of the 1970s and made him discover the possibilities of the advanced EMS electronic music studio of Stockholm. The two recordings presented here are quite unique as they are the only poems by Gherasim Luca created through the use of electronic manipulations. "Autres Secrets Du Vide Et Du Plein" (April 1971) and "Crimes Sens Initiales" (April 1972) were both performed at the 1971 and 1972 Text-Sound Festivals of Stockholm. Including an essay by Henri Chopin.

Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti - Illuminations LP. First 80 copies from the original pressing of 365 copies issued in 2010. Duo interactions, illuminated with dim red lights. The three previously unreleased recordings on this LP were made between October and December 1971. The first take titled “Illumination” is for two voices moving in the space with small bells and crystal glasses while Simone Forti plays the molimo, a corrugated tube meant for connecting the gas stove. The second take titled "Wed Oct 13th 1971" has Simone and Charlemagne in a song dialogue as animals do. It was also at Cal Arts that Charlemagne Palestine first encountered a Bosendorfer Imperial Piano of Vienna. He played it often as Simone danced during their "Illuminations". Take three is a song sang in falsetto while playing the Bosendorfer Imperial in an arpeggiated style that predates the "strummings". Illuminations were a unique open spontaneous form of performance, ritual and prayer.