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Vision Renewed

Artist: Media Premonition

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Zeal SS
Catalog No: Zeal SS
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Disguised Message On 49m. 2:22
A2 Industrian 7 3:12
A3 Yentobs 4:55
A4 Burundel 0:52
A5 Alienation 4:56
A6 Psychoterrorist Weapon 1:46
A7 The Last Day Of Our Lives 5:05
B1 The Church Of Pain 5:56
B2 Star System 4:25
B3 Amsterdam 7:02
B4 Cruelty To Someone 2:16
B5 Vision Renewed 10:16
This Tape Is A Compilation Of Works Recorded Between 1982 And 1986.