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Artist: Stasis

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Zeal SS
Catalog No: Zeal SS
Format: Tape
A1 Kak Tak  
A2 Woooooooo  
A3 Blurrb  
A4 Wurgley  
A5 Zintaden  
B1 Hfivdsalj  
B2 Fesmet  
B3 Stasis  
B4 Xr  
B5 Saf Rof  
STASIS.= Nid Collins.

black and white cover and tape labels.

there are some ambiguities in track listings. tracks B2 and B3 are written in reverse order on the tape but above them is a double arrow indicating they should switch places. track B5 might actually be two tracks 'Saf' and 'Rof'. after that is written 'FINI!' which i assume to be a statement and not a track name.