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H G AdlerMale
H. OsadaJapanMale
H. Osada & S. SUzuki (as Osada & Suzuki)JapanMale
H.C. Artmann
H.E.S.S. Group & IOSS
H.G. WellsUnited StatesMale
H.N.A.S. (Hirsche nicht aufs Sofa)United KingdomMale
Hadayatullah Hübsch / Wolfgang WüsteneyGermanyMale
Häck & Schräck ComboGermanyMale
Hänzel & GretzelMale
Häuptling KalomaGermany
Hafler TrioUnited KingdomMale
Hafler Trio & Nurse With WoundNetherlandsMale
Hafler Trio & Thee Temple Ov Psychick YouthMale
Hagar The WombUnited KingdomMale
Hagen SchweigtGermanyMale
Hairy ChapterGermanyMale
Hal Mc Gee & Friends
Hal McGeeUnited StatesMale
Hal McGee & Big City OrchestraMale
Hal McGee & FriendsMale
Hal McGee & JabonMale
Hal McGee & NoMuzizMale
Hal McGee & Thomas SutterUnited StatesMale
Hal McGee / Al MargolisUnited StatesMale
Hal McGee, Brian Noring, Emil Hagstrom, Eric Hofferber Male
Halbtote KreaturenGermanyMale
Half PasticheMale
Halsabschneider /Sympathischen 4GermanyMale
HAM (Henry Albert & Mark)United StatesMale
Hamster Eats Windowsill
Hanatarash & MerzbowJapanMale
Hanatarash / Graveyard
Hanatarash and KyoakukyojindanJapanMale
Hand Und FußGermanyMale
Handke / Gäste aus Ungarn
Handke HesselbachGermanyMale
Hands ToUnited StatesMale
Hands To / Kapotte Muziek / Merzbow / PBK / S.B.O.T.H.I. / Das Synthetische MischgewebeFranceMale
Hangaar 5Male
Hanged Mans Orgasm
Hanged Mans Orgasm/ Skin Crime
Hannah WeinerUnited StatesMale
Hanne DarbovenGermanyMale
Hans & Eric & Gerrit & JacBelgiumMale
Hans ArpGermanyMale
Hans C.GermanyMale
Hans CoustoGermanyMale
Hans G HelmsGermany
Hans Guttman
Hans HendrickxNetherlandsMale
Hans Henrik BrandtDenmarkMale
Hans ImhoffGermanyMale
Hans KochSwitzerlandMale
Hans Kopf TerzettGermanyMale
Hans OtteGermanyMale
Hans Ulrich HumpertMale
Hans Van EckMale
Hans-Joachim HesposGermany
Hans-Joachim Hespos / Gerhard StäblerGermanyMale
Hans-Karsten RaeckeGermanyMale
Hansjörg ZaunerGermanyMale
HappyUnited KingdomMale
Happy HalloweenNetherlandsMale
Happy PeopleUnited StatesMale
Happy StrapsMale
Hapunkt FixNetherlandsMale
Hapunkt Fix Punkt FliegenstrumpfGermanyMale
Harald Sack ZieglerFranceMale
Harbert van der KaapNetherlandsMale
Hard CorpsUnited Kingdom
Harid, LudwigMale
HarlanUnited StatesMale
Harman, Diaz Infante TrioUnited StatesMale
Harold BuddMale
Harold Budd / Brian Eno with Daniel LanoisUnited Kingdom
Harry BertoiaUnited StatesMale
Harry PartchUnited StatesMale
Harry Partch / John CageUnited StatesMale
Harry PierceUnited StatesMale
Harry PlourdeUnited StatesMale
Harry The HirschGermanyMale
Hartmut GeerkenGermanyMale
Haruomi HosonoJapanMale
Hase und Igel / Kajco DesignMale
Hastings Of MalawiUnited KingdomMale
Hat HatItalyMale
Haters & BigcityorchestreMale
Haters & Con-DomMale
Haters (as Hatex)GermanyMale
Haters / Fuck World
Haters / J.X. Larrson
Haters / MerzbowJapanMale
Haus ArafnaGermanyMixed
Hausmann, RaoulMale
Havre / John V.Male
Hawaii Amplified Poetry EnsembleMale
Hawkfeather MagickUnited StatesMale
Hazard ProfileMale
Hbfet OkmlnGermanyMale
He is dead JimMale
He WasJapan
Head ResonanceGermanyMale
Head Resonance CompanyMale
Head Set JuntaNorwayMale
Head StuffUnited KingdomMale
Headcleaners & Famlende ForsøkNorwayMale
Heads On SticksUnited Kingdom
Health & BeautyMale
Hearing Trumpet
Hearts and ChipsMale
Hearts of TibetRussian FederationMale
Heat Beat CutMale
Heather PerkinsUnited StatesFemale
Heaven 17United KingdomMale
Heavy MentalMale
Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste
Hecate's Dream
Hector Leuck Et KristaFranceMixed
Heddon Street W1United KingdomMale
Heera And The Common SenseGermanyMale
Heiland Solo
Heiler. Helfer & Helfershelfer & H & H & Berserker & Ron SchmidtGermanyMale
Heiner BastianGermanyMale
Heiner Müller / Einstürzende NeubautenGermany
Heinrich Mucken ViertettGermanyMale
Heinz CibulkaMale
Heinz GappmayrAustriaMale
Heinz SchweiszGermanyMale
Heinz und Franz / A.F. MoebiusMale
Heissenbüttel, HelmutMale
Heiter bis WolkigGermany
Heke LitinanenMale
Helga GoetzeGermanyMale
Helga M. NovakGermanyFemale
HeliotroupeUnited States
HellcowsUnited States
Helmer BodilMale
Helmet OffMale
Helmut EisendleGermanyMale
Helmut HeissenbüttelGermanyMale
Helmut Heissenbüttel / Ernst Jandl
Helmut LachenmannGermanyMale
Helmut Lemke / Andreas MüllerGermany
Helmut PeschinaAustriaMale
Helmut QualtingerAustriaMale
Henning ChristiansenDenmarkMale
Henri ChopinFranceMale
Henri Chopin / Arrigo Lora Totino
Henri Chopin and Paul ZumthorFranceMale
Henry AronsonUnited StatesMale
Henry CowUnited KingdomMixed
Henry FlyntGermanyMale
Henry HektikMale
Henry Hektik & M. Finnkrieg & Thomas SutterUnited StatesMale
Henry Hektik & Thomas SutterUnited StatesMale
Henry Hektik & Thomas W. SutterUnited StatesMale
Henry K. BrodatyMale
Henry KaiserUnited StatesMale
Henry KrutzenMale
Henry Schneider / Lux Aeterna / Astralingua
Henry SpencerGermanyMale
Henry WarnerMale
Henryk GajewskiMale
Henryk Gajewski with Tomasz LipinskiMale
Hent Petty GlockMale
Herb ErnstUnited States
Herb Mullin
Herbert BurkeMale
Herbert EimertGermanyMale
Herbert FritschMale
Herbst in PekingMale
Herd Of 360 Homogenized DogsMale
Herd Of The Ether SpaceUnited StatesMale
Here Be MonstersUnited StatesMale
Herman DamenNetherlandsMale