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About 100United StatesFemale
Alaric SumnerUnited KingdomFemale
Ann SouthhamCanadaFemale
Anna BananaCanadaFemale
Anna HolmerUnited StatesFemale
Anne LockwoodUnited StatesFemale
Anne Lockwood and Pauline OliverosUnited StatesFemale
Audio LeterUnited StatesFemale
Bohumila GrögerovaCzech RepublicFemale
Caroline KUnited KingdomFemale
Clara RockmoreUnited StatesFemale
Cosey Fanni TuttiUnited KingdomFemale
Danielle DaxUnited KingdomFemale
Deutsche WertarbeitGermanyFemale
Diamanda GalásUnited StatesFemale
Doris HaysUnited StatesFemale
DorothyUnited KingdomFemale
Dorothy IannoneUnited StatesFemale
Edna O'BrienFemale
Elisabeth ChojnackaPolandFemale
Elisabeth WelshUnited KingdomFemale
Ellen FullmanFemale
Ellen ZweigUnited StatesFemale
Eva M Cuchulain SwitzerlandFemale
Frances-Marie UittiUnited StatesFemale
Friederike MayröckerAustriaFemale
Frozen In Amber (Kris T. Force)United StatesFemale
Heather PerkinsUnited StatesFemale
Helga M. NovakGermanyFemale
Isa HaihappenGermanyFemale
Iva BittovaCzech RepublicFemale
J.JasmineUnited StatesFemale
Jacki AppleUnited StatesFemale
Jean Erdman CampbellUnited StatesFemale
Jennifer CobbingUnited KingdomFemale
Jeremy AdlerUnited KingdomFemale
Joan La BarbaraUnited StatesFemale
Joyce LightbodyUnited StatesFemale
Julie FrithUnited StatesFemale
Lauri PaisleyUnited StatesFemale
Laurie AndersonUnited StatesFemale
Laurie SpiegelUnited StatesFemale
Linda SmithUnited StatesFemale
Lydia LunchUnited StatesFemale
Madame Sadie (MME Sadie)United KingdomFemale
Maria ZerfallGermanyFemale
Mario SchianoItalyFemale
Master/Slave RelationshipUnited StatesFemale
Miz Ellen and KCUnited StatesFemale
Moniek DargeBelgiumFemale
Nico (Christa Päffgen)GermanyFemale
Paula ClaireUnited KingdomFemale
Rebby SharpUnited StatesFemale
Sally Smmit And her MusiciansUnited KingdomFemale
Shelley HirschUnited StatesFemale
Subcutaneous TheatreAustraliaFemale
SuckdogUnited StatesFemale
Sue Ann HarkeyUnited StatesFemale
Sumire YoshiharaJapanFemale
Sylvia DarlingUnited StatesFemale
Tara CrossUnited StatesFemale
The VylliesSwitzerlandFemale
Valie Export / Monsti WienerAustriaFemale
Vera RothGermanyFemale
Viola KramerGermanyFemale
Yoko OnoUnited StatesFemale
Zazie Und Ihre FreundeGermanyFemale