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Just Another Asshole #6

Press/Orga: Just Another Asshole

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Format: Mag/Lit
Just Another Asshole #6: The Book Just Another Asshole book cover  Anthologies [4] played a major part in defining the various attitudes of downtown no wave work.[5] Just Another Asshole #6 is often cited as one of these seminal writing compilations.[6] Edited with Glenn Branca, the sixth issue of this downtown magazine outlines the variety of styles and aesthetics that were developing in the early 1980s. Included in the issue are works by Kathy Acker, Eric Bogosian, Mitch Corber, Brian Buczak, Jenny Holzer, Cookie Mueller, Richard Prince, Joseph Nechvatal, Judy Rifka, David Rattray, Arleen Schloss, Kiki Smith, Tod Jorgenson, Lynne Tillman, Anne Turyn, Ann Rower, Reese Williams, David Wojnarowicz, Barbara Kruger, and others