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Artist: Masters of the Obvious (M.O.T.O.)

Year: 1998
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Riding On A Bus  
A2 Do Elvis For Me  
A3 Hardon Rock'n'Roll  
A4 Spit On The Sun  
A5 When Do We Get Paid  
A6 I Think Of You And I Die  
A7 Here Comes My Heart  
A8 Underneath An Awning In The Rain  
A9 We Are The Rats  
A10 Overtime Express  
A11 It'll Be Me  
A12 The Saturday Guy  
B1 1822  
B2 Deliver Deliver Deliver  
B3 She Said She Said She Said  
B4 I Know You Gotta Do The Thing You Gotta Do But Why You Gotta Do'Em To Me  
B5 Radio Wall Of Phlegm  
B6 I Am A Bomb  
B7 I'll Be Right There  
B8 Close Enough  
B9 In The Corner Of My Eye  
B10 River Of Death  
B11 Rock And Roll All Day  
B12 Catamaran  
B13 Only Love Can Heal The Pain  
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