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Neon Bone

Artist: Masters of the Obvious (M.O.T.O.)

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Battleship  
A2 Turd  
A3 Drunk On The Nectar Of You  
A4 Fluorescent  
A5 Beck's Period  
A6 Young + In Hell  
A7 Flowergirl  
A8 1,000 Stamps  
A9 Honestly Truth  
A10 Fully Sincerely  
A11 When Potato Bugs Rule  
A12 Woman Need  
A13 Watching Scotty Grow  
A14 Rot Rot Rot  
A15 Music To Make You Love  
A16 Visit From The 'Fuj'  
B1 Goodbye  
B2 Moronica  
B3 Brainless Wonder  
B4 Motolove  
B5 Motolife  
B6 Johnnysperm  
B7 Neon Bone!  
B8 Sonic Torcher  
B9 Thee Lonseome Humiliating Death Of Tanya  
B10 Knee To The Groin  
B11 Better  
B12 In The Doghouse  
B13 Dingleberry Rock  
B14 100 Skulls  
B15 Moronica Reprize  
B16 Kitty Torcher Slaughter!  
Sleeve notes:
A tape of 30 songs kinda about a phony asshole psuedo-intellectual (ahem) poet & his fat doting girlfriend and her cats! By the MASTERS OF THE OBVIOUS (not shown)