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By Train To The Coast

Artist: Peter Becker

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Flowmotion
Catalog No: Flowmotion, ART 011
Format: Tape
A1 By Train To The Coast  
A2 Ukrainian Lovers  
A3 Ukrainian Church  
A4 Crystalline - A  
A5 Last Exit  
A6 Drum Avant 7  
A8 Arabesque 2  
A9 For Zo / For Mo  
A10 Faces In The Dark  
A11 Coast Cut-Up  
A12 Rituals  
B1 Forch Funk  
B2 Eyes Blink (Disco)  
B3 Subterfuge  
B4 During 1/2 Sleep  
B5 Transatlantic Flight  
B6 Veil (Becker Style)  
B7 Artbit  
B8 Scar CIty  
B9 Eyes Blink (Version)  
B10 Return Journey  
B11 Three Nights  
Issued on standard, high bias, and metal tape.