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AO 353

Artist: Architects Office

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes, aT 14
Format: Tape
A1 "Intro"  
A2 AO 206  
A3 AO 262  
A4 AO 277  
A5 AO 342  
A6 "Variete"  
B1 AO 217  
B2 AO 301.5 "Shuke Anthem"  
B3 AO 219  
B4 AO 239  
Transparent cassette, with the handwritten catalog number on one side being to only piece of information on it. The cassette length is being mentioned on the inside booklet.

Architects Office: Rick Corrigan, Claude Martz, Joel Haertling, Trevor Haertling.

B1: A visual presentation at the March 3 show.
B2: Live at the Shuke 1/24/86

Produced for aT in August 1986. C+P 1986 by Architects Office. © 1986 by Audiofile Tapes. Stereo.