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Gordon Hope

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Labels: Image 341 Inc, Un-Ltd Abilities
Description: ran Un-Ltd Abilities Label, later Flowmotion Label. An English composer, music critic and publisher. He started out in 1980 under a number of monikers: The ETERNAL, GORDON ALIEN and THIS LITTLE ALIEN. In 1984 he briefly worked with a group POSSESSION. He gained more acclaim for his co-working with Ian DOBSON in their joint project THOSE LITTLE ALIENS, and the co-running of FLOWMOTION, a music imprint and one of the first magazines dedicated to industrial music, from 1980 to 1985. From 1983 to 1985 he had his own indepen- dent label A-MISSION RECORDS. As a sound artist he explored and fused industrial avant-garde of rock music aesthetics with elements of academic experimental electronic music. He employed a synthesizer and a guitar, as well as self-made collages on tapes containing ambient sounds, syntheti- cally generated bruitist textures and random excerpts from radio broadca- sts. He completely withdrew from his musical and publishing operations in 1985 for unknown reasons. Discography: as GORDON ALIEN O Puss (YHR Tapes 1980) tape as THIS LITTLE ALIEN Synth Bites Man (Now Buy Ltd 1980) tape collaboration with P A WELLS Aural Assault (Un-Ltd Abilities 1980) tape as THOSE LITTLE ALIENS (collaboration with Ian DOBSON) Incident In Moderan (Image 341 Inc ???) tape as POSSESSION (collaboration with Andrew Victor WOOD/Stephen THROWER/Victor WATKINS) The Thin, White Arms, Obtusely Angled At The Elbow, Methodically Dipping And Emerging (A-Mission Records 1984) LP