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Stahldubversions Promo Tape

Artist: Einstürzende Neubauten

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Label: Rip Off
Catalog No: Eisengrau, Rip Off Rip 6
Format: Tape
A1 Rohrbombe  
A2 Futuristischer Dub  
A3 Sadomasodub  
A4 Liebensdub  
A5 Spionagedub  
A6 Rivieradub  
A7 Mikrobendub  
A8 Gastarbeiterdub  
A9 Lünesbest  
B1 Rohrbombe  
B2 Futuristischer Dub  
B3 Sadomasodub  
B4 Liebensdub  
B5 Spionagedub  
B6 Rivieradub  
B7 Mikrobendub  
B8 Gastarbeiterdub  
B9 Lünesbest  
Studio tracks - both sides are the same.
Many of these tracks were bases for some "full songs", like "Sadomasodub" turned into "Tanz Debil" or "Rivieradub" turned into "Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.".
"Mikrobendub" appears as "Mikroben" on "Strategies Against Architecture" compilation.