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No Songs

Artist: Deleted

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Tonspur Tapes, TT 23
Format: Tape
A1 To Be Mad  
A2 Because  
A3 Either  
A4 Le Pont Des Regrets  
A5 La Ratatouille  
A6 If Yu Ear Me  
A7 Oil  
A8 The Open Face Of Death  
A9 Grande Garabagne  
A10 Gimme Yur Heart  
A11 Alles  
A12 Covers  
A13 A Small Coda  
B1 Encore 1 Journée Sans Histoire  
B2 La La La La La  
B3 Time Has Come  
B4 Unbreathe  
B5 Moonbeam  
B6 Neue Mench  
B7 The Hen  
B8 Dance With Me, Cripure!!  
This tape is dedicated to Fred Barnoin.