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Pure Tone / Poor Tune

Artist: Die Wunde / LOSP

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: TT 10
Format: Tape
Pure Tone
A1 –Die Wunde Simulacres
A2 –Die Wunde Landed
A3 –Die Wunde Time
A4 –Die Wunde Deep
A5 –Die Wunde Lies
A6 –Die Wunde Wave Me
A7 –Die Wunde Slowfalls
A8 –Die Wunde Prisons
A9 –Die Wunde Rods
A10 –Die Wunde Fingers
A11 –Die Wunde Hell
A12 –Die Wunde The Beat
A13 –Die Wunde Deep Seas
A14 –Die Wunde The Toy
A15 –Die Wunde Grey-Grey

Poor Tune
B1 –LOSP* Again...
B2 –LOSP* Drownin' In The Gloom
B3 –LOSP* Château Rouge
B4 –LOSP* Bidule Performer – L. Fauconnet*
B5 –LOSP* Babalayou
B6 –LOSP* Amazone
B7 –LOSP* Rumeurs
B8 –LOSP* Les Ragondins
B9 –LOSP* Romance
B10 –LOSP* Castle
B11 –LOSP* Les Doigts

Limited to 100 copies.