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Tant Qu'Il Y Aura Du Tango

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
A1 –Schaum Der Tage Schwerhörig 4:15
A2 –Jeronimies Tango 1:37
A3 –Deleted The Open Face Of Death 4:04
A4 –Dead Goldfish Ensemble* Tango 2:45
A5 –J.A.J. Entreprise* Sweet Tango 3:37
A6 –Lisa Suckdog When I Went To Chicago 1:05
A7 –Dan And The Destroys* 001010 5:37
A8 –The Detective Quango Tango 3:42
A9 –Likid Wesel Tango Macho 2:20
B1 –Klimperei Palm Beach 1:55
B2 –L'Edars A Moth* Nebel 2:54
B3 –J.A.J. Entreprise* La Seniorita Del Sol 4:25
B4 –Nostalgie Eternelle Skipping 2:58
B5 –X Ray Pop* Bal 3:45
B6 –Deleted Sous Ce Soleil 3:36
B7 –Jeronimies Spanish Tango 1:46
B8 –Cripure S.A. Raw Tango 2:57
B9 –Gertie Bauer Und Die Jungs Himmel 3:45
B10 –Likid Wesel Pot Pouri 1:49
  • Design Concept – Model-Peltex
100 made.
Cassette and booklet.