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The Dark Sea Of Pain

Artist: Lyke Wake

Year: 1984
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Aseptic Tapes; ASPT 004
Format: Tape
A1 Aseptic  
A2 Pain For Power  
A3 Impending Dislocation  
B1 T.m.d. - Total Moral Disertion  
B2 The Rat Race 1  
B3 Virus Breeding  
B4 Viral Contamination  
B5 Metal Catarrh  
B6 Rats And Worms  
B7 Sperm  
B8 Research Archive  
B9 Dismember  
B10 Man Of War  
B11 The Rat Race 2  
  1/9/1983 Loneliness
B12 The Outsider  
B13 Leave My Loneliness Unbroken  
  • Synthesizer [Casio Mt 65], Tape – Stefano Di Serio
B12 and B13 are from the deleted tape Loneliness ASPT 002 (1983).
There is also a second performer and vocalist present, but his name is not given.