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The First Transfinite Infinity

Artist: Ken Moore & Mike Preziosi & Mark Chance & Laurie Paisley and Larry Jeter

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Anvil Creations AC15, recordings made with Mike Preziosi (percussion) and Mark Chance
Format: Tape
  Demented Etude For A Broken Piano (14:10)
A1a Study No.1: By Gestalt 7:30
A1b Study No.2: A Particularly Horrible Peculiar 4:30
A1c Study No.3: Quixotic Notion 2:10
A2 In A Pound Of Logic 8:30
A3 Kaleidesthesia 5:30
B1 Piano Solo 11:30
B2 Anvil Cumulus 10:50
B3 Memory Plastic 4:30
B4 Breakout 2:00
  • Performer [All Instruments], Recorded By, Producer – Ken Moore (4)
A3, B2, B4 recorded at "Fast Lane Timanium".
recordings made with Mike Preziosi (percussion) and Mark Chance (bass) including unreleased Mood Inventions not included on 04.