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I.E.M.A. Collective Tape #3 Album,

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: International Electronic Music Association Group Tape Project (Anvil Creations): John Wiggins, Roger Luther, William Shley Cooper, Chuck Laarieu, Peter Kaminski, Emerald Web, Nighcrawlers, Rosenzweig
Format: Tape
A1 : John Wiggins - Phobia - 1:55
A2 : John Wiggins - After Tomorrow - 3:05
A3 : Roger Luther - Sleeper - 6:40
A4 : William Ashley Cooper - CapricornCrystal Mind Dream - 3:00
A5 : William Ashley Cooper - GeminiMultidimensional Becoming - 6:00
A6 : Chuck Larrieu - Starbright - 1:30
A7 : Chuck Larriue - Beacon Star - 3:10
A8 : Peter Kaminski - Journey Through The Desert - 3:45
B1 : Emerald Web - Ice Caves - 5:40
B4 : Rosenzweig & Moore* - Our Own Universe - 14:00
B5 : Nightcrawlers* - Tonk-E-Tone - 9:45
Ken moore had lots of fun getting music together for each IEMA Group Tape release. John Wiggins, who worked at HBO in NYC, was gathering voice tapes from David Vosh, Chris Meyer and myself for a project he called "Spokes". Chuck Larrieu, of SYNEX newsletter, was experimenting with his own synthesizer and Emerald Web was now onboard for some publicity through SYNE and the Tape Project. SIDE ONE John Wiggins 1. Phobia 2. After Tomorrow Roger Luther 1. Sleeper William Ashley Cooper 1. Capricorn - Crystal Mind Dream 2. Gemini - Multidimensional Becoming Chuck Larrieu 1. Star Bright 2. Beacon Star Peter Kaminski 1. Journey Through the Desert SIDE TWO Emerald Web 1. Ice Caves Rosenzweig & Moore 1. Our Own Universe Nightcrawlers 1. Tonk-e-tone Ken was in constant contact with Peter Gulch of the Nightcrawlers, ever since meeting him at the IEMA convention. He was a big fan of Ralph Lundsten, as was Ken, an Peter was impressed also with my art rock recordings like "Invitation" of the "Frame of Reference" cassette. Peter asked Ken to review some of their recordings to make a splice edit on one of their lengthy pieces. Ken was honored that he trusted him with the master tape, and used his cut on the next cassette release, "Hidden Pictures". He and Ken exchanged more tapes than with anyone else.