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In a Pound of Logic

Artist: Ken Moore

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Anvil Creations AC11
Format: Tape
  Demented Etude For A Broken Piano (14:10)
A1a Study No.1: By Gestalt 7:30
A1b Study No.2: A Particularly Horrible Peculiar 4:30
A1c Study No.3: Quixotic Notion 2:10
A2 In A Pound Of Logic 8:30
A3 Kaleidesthesia 5:30
B1 Piano Solo 11:30
B2 Anvil Cumulus 10:50
B3 Memory Plastic 4:30
B4 Breakout 2:00
  • Performer [All Instruments], Recorded By, Producer – Ken Moore (4)
A3, B2, B4 recorded at "Fast Lane Timanium".
Originally released on cassette in 1983, this album features some of Ken’s original piano compositions, interspersed with electronic projects, including one piece using only percussion. and introduces Ken as a pianist, where previously he was associated with synthesizers and organ music, also playing the drums. There are still a few "electronic music" compositions here, and one totally percussion piece. Also, the final track is another in the video game alteration that was introduced on Sense Of Recreation. The title track has appeared in its original form on the Anvil Creations' "A Musical History", Volume One. All music written, arranged, performed and recorded, mixed and mastered by Ken Moore. Anvil Creations' cover design by Ken Moore with words printed by Lauri Paisley.