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I.E.M.A. Collective Tape #6

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: International Electronic Music Association Group Tape Project (Anvil Creations): Ken Moore, Chris Gross, Lauri Paisley, Peter Kaminski, Dave Butler, Dave Lunt
Format: Tape
A1 : Chris Gross - Black Box - 5:13
A2 : Chris Gross - Watching The Submarine Races - 2:15
A3 : Chris Gross - Cycles - 3:03
A4 : Ken Moore - For The Duration - 3:03
A5 : Ken Moore - To No Avail - 7:15
A6 : Lauri Paisley - Distanced - 2:12
A7a : Lauri Paisley - A Ten Minute Eon - 4:05
A7b : Lauri Paisley - Sequel Song #1 - 4:40
B1 : Peter Kaminski - Kommunikation - 0:53
B2 : Peter Kaminski - Vision - 5:42
B3 : Peter Kaminski - Harmonic I - 2:33
B4 : Dave Butler - Interstellar Vagrant - 11:33
B5 : Dave Lunt - ...Excerpt from: "9th From The Sun" - 4:00
B6 : Dave Lunt - ...Excerpt from: "Now Silent + Until Then" - 7:15
This is the last tape that Ken put together for IEMA Ken wasn't around until 1999 when Ken began to promote my own music once again with CMC (Creative Musicians Coalition) and the Music Discovery Network via Ron Wallace. Ron reminds Ken very much of Jim, as they both worked very hard at making musicians communicate and promote their art. Group Tape #6 SIDE ONE Chris Gross 1. Black Box 2. Watching the Submarine Races 3. Cycles Ken Moore 1. For the Duration 2. To No Avail Lauri Paisley 1. Distanced 2. A Ten Minute Eon 3. Sequel Song #1 SIDE TWO Peter Kaminski 1. Kammunikation 2. Vision 3. Harmonic I Dave Butler 1. Interstellar Vagrant Dave Lunt 1. 9th From The Sun (excerpt0 2. New Silent + 'Till Then (excerpt) Dave Lunt, of course, was from Nightcrawlers, and Peter and Tom Gulch worked alone after Dave went on his own. Peter Gulch later collaborated with Chuck Van Zyl of Stars End in PA. However, David Vosh and Ken Moore met again, years after John Wiggins put our voices together on "Spokes", and I suggested that we perform together in Baltimore using my tam tams and Dave's modular synthesizer. They called themselves Safe Creations, and have performed together at Sonic Circuits' Experimental Music Festival in 2013. They currently have two albums for sale on Bandcamp.