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Live in Beligium and Holland

Artist: Bene Gesserit

Year: 1989
Country: Portugal
Catalog No: Tragic Figures TFT 002
Format: Tape
A1 From The Plan K. With Laughs 4:21
A2 Same Old Story 3:50
A3 Tonight 4:51
A4 Alles Ist... 4:12
A5 Erg Habbania 4:12
A6 Le Rapt 4:37
A7 Rock Yoko 2:48
A8 Crazy Monkees 1:05
B1 Insanités 5:15
B2 Neon Lights!! 2:59
B3 Death Is Not A Betrayal 4:04
B4 Moki-Toki Oka-Owa 5:59
B5 Little Lady 5:50
B6 From Dune, With Laughs