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Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Catalog No: ExtremMist-Cassetten; emc013
Format: Tape
A1 –Flank Alone With Everybody 2:22
A2 –V2 Schneider Pink Flamingoes Pt. 2 2:45
A3 –Keine Ahnung Banale Wahrheiten 4:58
A4 –Kosili Arbeit Gegen Lohn 1:51
A5 –Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor We Are Not Devo 4:20
A6 –Bene Gesserit U.F.S. 2:50
A7 –D.D.A.A.* Tu Ne Vois Plus 4:00
A8 –Portion Control Across The Fence 2:28
A9 –Rudolf's Rache Blumen & Schokolade 1:45
A10 –Idi Amin (5) Flüchtig  
B1 –Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor I'm In Love With My Computer 4:00
B2 –Safari Grünspan Hymne 1:10
B3 –Safari Grünspan Ratten 1:40
B4 –Rudolf's Rache Kiffer 1:54
B5 –Bene Gesserit Fly To Hell 4:15
B6 –V2 Schneider Looking Through A Naked Window 1:07
B7 –Desultorische Detonation* Singender Stein (Teil 2+3) 2:30
B8 –Flank Meat 0:59
B9 –Kosili Samstabend-Punx 1:36
B10 –Portion Control Better Place 2:25
B11 –Robert I. Gillham Without Kid Gloves 5:35
B12 –Idi Amin (5) Flüchtig  
Comes in fake leather etui with a bunch of flyers with graphics and adresses of the artists.

Copied on CrO2 tapes.