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Durchschnittsanfall 6

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion Pr24 Series: Durchschnittsanfall 6
Format: Tape
A1 –Smersh Another World  
A2 –Siegmar Fricke 6 Rainy Days  
A3 –Nostalgie Eternelle Carefree World  
A4 –Cancel Eyeballs For Dinner  
A5 –U.P.M. "Für Dass Er Nicht"  
A6 –P.C.R. Property Owning Democracy  
A7 –Bene Gesserit Hymne Au Ver  
B1 –Ampzilla's Delight Shiny Shoes  
B2 –P.C.R. Take A Deep Breath  
B3 –Siegmar Fricke Lorn And Lost  
B4 –The Severance Timecollapse  
B5 –U.P.M. Verräter Gibt's Überall  
B6 –Solanaceae Tau The Thousand Years Dancer  
Subtitled: "One Man's Gold Is Another Man's Plastic"