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Artist: Gerogerigegege

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Label: Ant-Zen
Catalog No: Ant-Zen, AZ-JED 01
Format: Vinyl 7"
Spezification: m-/m-
Recorded on 15th, Aug. at Beat Mint-Studio Tokyo. No overdub. All Live.

The Special edition will be numbered 1-100 "1st Edition". (THIS)
The Normal edition Will be numbered 1-400. "2nd Edition".

Both version are white vinyl with colour strips in red, green, blue , yellow and liliac.
The special edition came with 20-page booklet and microfiche.

©1993 ANT-ZEN
A   Night T2 - Night T4 4:33
B   Night T3 - Night T1 4:15