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Artist: Angst

Year: 1983
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Gezonde Boerse Copulaties, GBC 07
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 G.I. 1:10
A2 Active & Passive Sodomy 0:31
A3 Fuck Man Music 5:55
A4 Angst Disco Show 8:31
A5 (Everybody Needs) A Lover (Lalala Tralala) 2:52
A6 White Hell 0:48
A7 Good People (Where?) 3:47
A8 God Is A Disease 0:40
A9 Jules & Marie 0:55
A10 All Cops 3:46
A11 There Is A God (But Where?) 10:28
A12 MO Soldiers To Hell 0:18
A13 Sex With Mussels 2:53
A14 Predictor 2:16
A15 Do You Wish To Die? (Swimming In Shit & Smiling To The Photographer) 0:23
B1 Wespelaar-Centrum 4:06
B2 Luc 5:20
B3 The Boss Is Ill (Who Runs This Joint?) 0:35
B4 Rabies (Hydrophobia) 6:43
B5 Rocket Cross (We All Stink) 0:33
B6 To DOR SS Inspector 1:22
B7 Be Hostile (Don't Smile) 0:12
B8 Argentina Is OK! (Death Control) 4:02
B9 Pushed In The Dirt (I Feel Fine) 7:09
B10 Follow Me (To Hell) 3:58
B11 (This Year) No Problems 1:20
B12 Everything's Always Wrong 5:06
B13 Love Dries Like Shit 1:35
B14 Hello Yes 0:44
B15 Cancer (Me Too) 3:14