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The Best Of No Wave 04

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Germany
Catalog No: No Wave Series
Format: Tape
A1     –Slime     Deutschland (Verrecke)!!!!    
A2     –Daily Terror     Andere Zeiten    
A3     –Hermann's Orgie     Tu Was Du Willst    
A4     –The Buzzards*     British Justice    
A5     –The Contractions     Rules And Regulations    
A6     –The Beat (2)     Twist And Crawl    
A7     –The Specials     A.K.A. Gangsters    
A8     –U.X.A.     Tragedies    
A9     –Agent Orange (7)     Bloodstains    
A10     –Circle Jerks     Back Against The Wall    
A11     –Circle Jerks     Beverly Hills    
A12     –Girlschool     C' Mon Let's Go    
A13     –The Parasites Of The Western World     Chemicals    
A14     –Second Layer     State Of Emergency    
A15     –The Pop Group     We Are All Prostitutes    
B1     –Wipers     Is This Real ?    
B2     –Angry Samoans     Hot Care    
B3     –Angry Samoans     Inside My Brain    
B4     –Punishment Of Luxury     Brainbomb    
B5     –Angelic Upstarts     Shotgun Solution    
B6     –Angelic Upstarts     Never And Nothin'    
B7     –The Clash     1977    
B8     –The Models     Man Of The Year    
B9     –The Saints (2)     One Way Street    
B10     –The Rude Kids     Charlie    
B11     –The Cortinas     Defiant Pose    
B12     –Chelsea (2)     No Escape    
B13     –Crisis (2)     White Youth    
B14     –Crisis (2)     Uk'79    
B15     –The Seize     Why    
B16     –The V.I.P.'s     Things Aren't What They Used To Be    
B17     –Crisis (2)     1984    
B18     –X (5)     We're Desperate    
B19     –Murder Inc. III     Sounds So False