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Hypertonia Sampler Vol. II

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Norway
Catalog No: Hypertonia World Enterprises; HWE 060
Format: Tape


A01 M.Nomized Vitesse Controlee 0:40
A02 Cleaners From Venus No Go (For Louis MacNeice) 2:43
A03 Cleaners From Venus Albion's Daughter 2:55
A04 En Halvkokt I Folie Dancing On The Ceiling 2:46
A05 Kevyn Dymond Lost On The Turnpike 4:21
A06 Kevyn Dymond Claim My Brain 2:25
A07 Meadow Meal Cities & News 3:48
A08 Meadow Meal Medley 2:31
A09 Mystery Plane Doll 3:48
A10 Mystery Plane Red Slime Creepers 2:55
A11 48 Cameras When Love Lies Bleeding 4:12
A12 Donald Campau* His Sister's Feed 0:39
A13 Donald Campau* Friends That Sqeal 2:29
A14 Donald Campau* & Ken Clinger Joey Roo Goes Dancing 2:41
A15 En Halvkokt I Folie Små Sossarna 0:42
B01 Sack* Ich Geh' Kaputt 3:07
B02 Sack* Panzer War Dabei (Live In Køln, Nov. '87) 1:45
B03 The Tables Bunsen Burner 2:51
B04 Modern Art (2) Silver Halflight 4:23
B05 Modern Art (2) Barriers 4:35
B06 Åreknuteknyterne* Eg E Blakk 3:43
B07 Åreknuteknyterne* Fuck The Neighborhood 3:46
B08 Le Lu/Lu's* One Voice 4:16
B09 Juryen Lille Ragnhild 3:45
B10 Juryen Here Comes The Sun (Destruction-mix) 3:12
B11 Charles Manson Interview Exerpts 3:24
B12 Charles Manson Sick City 1:35
B13 Charles Manson Always Is Always / Interview Exerpts 3:07