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See Without Being Seen

Artist: Matt Johnson

Year: 1978
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Spezification: Demo Cover supplied by Steve Parry (only existing copy)
1 Troops  
2 Homa's Coma  
3 Planetarium  
4 Spaceship In My Barn  
5 Insect Children  
6 My Vymura  
7 Windowledge  
Very limited cassette release.

"I recorded 'See Without Being Seen' in the cellar of my parent's pub, where I'd set up a small home studio. I was sixteen years old and working in a West End recording studio at the time. Although it was never officially released I did duplicate dozens of copies on cassette and, resplendent in their black & white photo-copied sleeves, sold them at various gigs I was attending at the time by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Wire, This Heat... Lots of distorted drum machines, electric piano, echo guitars, weird lyrics"

This was reissued in 2019 but under the The The name with three bonus tracks and can be found at